Comment and Discussion Policy

The basic gist of the policy is: “Discussion is great.  Arguing sucks.”

If you would like to respectfully discuss the content of this site, feel free. If you’re one of those white males who has the expectation that bloggers provide you with free entertainment on the internet, go somewhere else.

Your comment will be kept if:

  • it thoughtfully adds to the discussion
  • it is fully supported by both a reasonable interpretation of Scripture and a general sense of current scientific understanding of the issue
  • it is respectful of all other participants, including those whose lifestyle doesn’t fit in your little box

Your comment will be deleted if:

  • you come right out of the gate arguing with no prior contact with me at all
  • it attacks me or another comment writer
  • you seem to be intentionally misunderstanding or misinterpreting the nature or goals of feminism
  • it dismisses either the basic validity of God’s Word in it’s original form or the experience of a fellow human being
  • it places a personal interpretation of scripture over reason or another’s interpretation of Scripture
  • it perpetuates a culture of Christian, Male or White privilege or objectification of other human beings
  • it is obvious that your aim is to bulldoze those who do not agree with you
  • you deny the existence of privileged classes in the United States or claim that a privileged class is being persecuted by having their privilege taken away
  • I decide you’re annoying (it’s my blog, btw)

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