Christian Feminist Daddy Glossary

Here are some terms I  made up and regularly use that may require explanation:

CFD, with a big D = Christian Feminist Daddy (me). I might also refer to CFD’s in plural, meaning my intended audience, daddies who are tired of hypermasculine nonsense.

CFM = Christian Feminist Mommy, usually my wife, but could also refer to the mommies out there who read my stuff.

CFd, CFd#1, CFd#2 or CFd’s with a little d = Christian Feminist Daughter(s), typically referring to my girls

Dudebro = A male who sees no need for women to be treated as fellow human beings and who mis-characterizes feminism, either intentionally or not, as a threat to him. Usually a Dudebro is simply unaware that social conditioning has framed his mindset in a way that harms the women around him. (Contrast with MRA)

Here are some terms that are part of Feminist parlance:

MRA = An MRA calls himself a Men’s Rights Activist. I call him a Mentally Recessive Ape (in public anyway). Also known as a Meninist, this willfully ignorant fellow is worse than a Dudebro in that he honestly thinks that what he is saying is earth shatteringly logical and that everyone else just needs to behold his brilliance. My heart goes out to any woman subjected to his nauseating condescension (see “Mansplaining”).

Hypermasculinity = A culture that places no rein on the control testosterone has over a boy or man’s emotional state, praises arrogant and aggressive behavior from males and punishes males who behave in ways that are not considered stereotypically male. Hypermasculinity typically produces Dudebros and is usually hostile toward women who are not submissive.

Mansplaining = The act by a man of completely disregarding a woman’s experience, credentials and status as a rational being, assuming that she holds the position she does because of ignorance inherent in femininity and as such treating her condescendingly. Normally mansplaining is done to excuse the repulsive acts and attitudes of MRAs or to completely invalidate the human experience of a woman.

(The following definitions are heavily borrowed from the “Terms and Definitions” page on The Jar Belles)

Feminism = The belief that men and women are equal and should be treated as such, across economic, political and social spheres. Feminists believe that women are oppressed due to their sex, and that we live in a patriarchal society.

Patriarchy = The male-dominated social system which oppresses women across all spheres. Throughout history, men have had more power than women and have made it difficult for women to attain an equal level of power. We currently live in a patriarchal society – this is particularly evident when you look at our political institutions, top-earning professions and media, all where women are woefully underrepresented.

Cisgender = When a person is cisgender, they identify as the gender that matches the sex that they were assigned at birth. Some feminists find the term offensive, as it implies a level of privilege associated with being born a woman that they disagree with.