Am I really being an Ally?

I’m a white, able-bodied, heterosexual cis-male. I am the spitting image of nearly every privileged class in the United States. When I write about oppression, I write from the perspective of someone who could just as easily be the oppressor.


Dear Jane Doe,

I struggle to know what to say to you, really, because I know that whatever regret or sorrow, whatever I’m feeling right now is NOTHING compared to what you’ve been through. With the lawsuit approaching, and the pain of having to relive the experiences of your past, you’ve got a lot to process right now. You’re courageous, more so than I am. More than I was. You’re fighting back. You’re reclaiming what was taken from you. I just want you to know that I’m behind you, whether I know you or not.

Allow me to introduce myself!

Getting married and having daughters has a way of changing a man, if he lets it.
Going into the world and working with humans who don’t agree with you will affect you, if you let it.
Having one’s interpretation of God’s word reasonably challenged will reveal problems and opportunities to re-evaluate, if one lets it.