About Steve




Who am I?

My name is Steve.  I’m foremost what the title says, a Christian, a Feminist and a Daddy.  I see no conflict between either of these three.

I’m a husband.  I’m a father.  I’m a Church member.  I’m an audiovisual technology professional that works in higher education.  I’m a mentor.  I’m a big brother.  I’m an uncle.  I’m an ally.

I would do anything for those I call my family.

I am passionately in love with my friends and family and dedicated to legendary competence in my work.

Oh yeah, I play video games.

What do I believe?

I’m a Christian, but probably not exactly what you would expect.  I grew up fundamentalist, but have rejected much of that mindset. I don’t believe that a “Biblical Worldview” as fundamentalists describe it exists. You cannot base your worldview or philosophy on your reading of Scripture because those outlooks affect how you read and interpret Scripture. The only thing a “Biblical Worldview” does is reinforce what was already there. Everyone approaches the Bible with a hermeneutic, and pretending you don’t (aka “I just read the Bible and take it literally”) just reinforces your prejudices instead of allowing you to be transformed by the Word. I have some beliefs that fall under a typical “conservative” label in the US, and several that would be considered “liberal”.

What do I write?

Politically and socially, most of what I write is focused on areas of privilege that are engrained in American culture, mostly Male privilege and Christian privilege, though sometimes I address White privilege as well. Obviously a great deal of my writing is feminist in nature. I have two daughters, and I want them to grow up as untainted by hyper-masculine culture as possible. The system of privilege that has given men preference for centuries needs to crumble. There are lives at stake. I also react very strongly against the behavior of Christians in the US, especially the idea that the United States is a Christian nation. The expectation that the Christian faith and moral beliefs are “special” does not belong in politics. I see nothing in the teachings of Christ to suggest that we should be policing the morals of those around us from a specifically Christian manner.

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