Relentless Empathy – Rebellious Love

Lord, there are two things I ask of you. Two things that want.

Give me a relentless empathy. A nagging, incessant itch in my soul that won’t go away while there is suffering around me. Don’t let me rest. Break my heart with the sorrow of others. Torture me with their pain. Thrill my heart with their joy. Unsettle me.. no, terrify me with their fears. Make me pay attention. Force me to rejoice with the blessing of others, to weep with those who mourn. Call the note on my emotional debt, my life of apathy. Demand payment of me.

Give me a rebellious love, the courage to seek the well-being of the oppressed. Show me those chased away by your people. Let me be their salve, their relief. Make me a source of safety, and of shelter, an extension of You. Let me show tenderness without thought of who approves of it. Let me love without reservation. Give me the grit to protect, the audacity to defend. I want an Agape that flies with tenacity in the face of those who would hold anyone back from You.

Give me Relentless Empathy. Give me Rebellious Love.


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