Prayer from a Daughter on the Verge of Realization…

Dear God,

I have a few questions… I know I’m not supposed to ask them, and I know you won’t hear me because I’m not asking through proper channels…

but… if I could…

Why did you basically make me and my girlfriends candy bars for men to consume?

Why did you make men so weak that the sight of me sends them into an irresistible and irreversible sin-spiral?

And for that matter, why then put such a weakling in charge of anything, let alone your Church?

Why am I the custodian of the sinful desires of the men around me?

Why did you give me a voice if your Body won’t let me use it?

Why give me a mind if using it won’t change anything?

I’m truly wondering here. Wondering, did I get something wrong? The men have filled me in on what you’ve told them about me. They wouldn’t have gotten it wrong, would they?

I just don’t know. This just doesn’t seem like an abundant life to me… Not that I’m complaining! I just wonder sometimes.

Well, until next time..


One thought on “Prayer from a Daughter on the Verge of Realization…

  1. All things I asked myself constantly as a child. The subjugation of women is a big reason I can no longer sit through a church sermon without feeling sick and wanting to flip pews over. I wish I could still believe, but southern baptists and Trump worshippers ruined it for me.


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