Day Without A Woman

Tomorrow is the Day Without A Woman phenomenon spearheaded by the organization responsible for the Women’s Marches.

It’s an incredible opportunity to get a message across. Unfortunately, there are many, many people who will not be able to participate. Many women are simply unable to take planned time off Wednesday. Some employees cannot take paid time off, and cannot support themselves or their families without the pay. Some employees risk termination.

I’m not going to comment on that, as there is already a great deal of discussion. I will only provide this FB post by the Women’s March on Washington (of Kansas) listing alternative ways to participate:

Although I am a man, I intend to participate in my own way, trying my best to support women without getting in their way. Initially, I had planned to stay home from work and do everything that CFM usually does during the day so that she didn’t have to, but that didn’t pan out logistically.

Instead, I am simply going to spend as much time as possible highlighting the work and lives of the women around me. I will try to amplify their voices as best I can. Most of this activity will be on FB and Twitter, so look for it there.

(Side-note, if you are on Twitter, here is a list of the accounts I follow. I’d encourage you to peruse the list and check out what the women in particular have to say. Please follow them, as I have gained a great deal of perspective from their voices!)


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