Latest in CFD Videos – Little Ditties

Video Transcript:

Hey everybody it’s Steve here with Christian Feminist Daddy!

I’m here sitting in my car. Yes, the engine’s running. No i am not driving. I repeat I am NOT driving. Just wanted to get that out of the way real quick. I was gonna make a video real quick and all of my options for videoing this video were disappearing fast. So I decided to take the last-ditch effort, get out my phone and sit here in the car in a parking lot so that I could record this.

Just basically I was thinking the other day. I was watching a show with my daughters, a four-year-old and a two-year-old. We were watching a show from PBS called Daniel Tiger and I don’t know how much you know about Daniel Tiger. If you’ve seen it, you you know what I’m talking about. Every episode has a lesson that they’re trying to teach. One of the episodes is about sharing. There’s an episode about going potty. Yeah, it’s a toddler’s show. There’s, you know, sharing, going potty. What are some others? What to do when you’re starting to get upset or mad… Things like that. Real good lessons for toddlers.

And each of the episodes has a song that teaches, you know, that concept or teaches that lesson. While they’re telling the story that goes along with that lesson they will take a little small, you know, a phrase from that song and they’ll repeat it over and over again during the story whenever the lesson is applicable. Basically, you know, if the song is like

♫ When you feel so mad that you wanna roar take a big step and count to four ♫

I’m sorry, take a big BREATH and count to four. See? I need to watch it more, apparently. When the characters start to get mad someone just starts to sing it

♫ When you feel so mad that you want to roar take a big breath and count to four. ♫

They just repeat that over and over again as the episode goes on. I found that to be incredibly smart in those episodes of the show, because you’ve got this little bitty ditty that’s easy to remember in these kids can pull it out of their mind whenever they’re faced with that kind of a problem. It’s just amazing kids will remember an episode that they watched just from that single little trigger the one that comes to mind right now as being really amazing is the one about cleaning up. You know, clean up your messes when you make a mess. The song goes:

♫ Clean up, pick up, put away. Clean up every day! ♫

and now you’re discovering why I didn’t go into music theatre because you know my voice will support that. But this is an amazing thing this clean up song. Just a confession, I have actually set that as an alarm on my phone so it goes off at 7:30 almost every evening, and you’d be amazed! That song starts playing:

♫ clean up, pick up, put away, clean up everyday! ♫

and my two daughters… It’s like Pavlov’s dogs. They look up and they start singing along like robots, and they start putting things away. It’s actually a little spooky. You would think we’re in a horror movie or something just by the way they react.

♫ Clean up Pick up ♫

and they just start doing it. And I will confess that I’ve used that to my advantage on many occasions. But that got me thinking. This is such a great educational tool for children. They can remember these lessons because they get those little hooks from those songs. Just that little phrase with a melody. They remember th

t and suddenly they remember the song and suddenly they remember the lesson that song is supposed to teach and then remember the episode. The whole lesson.

Why can’t we do that with with adults? Like, with us grown-ups. Why can’t we have songs like that. Like if you’re driving along on the highway and suddenly you remember “Oh! Um…”

♫ If you’re not gonna go the speed limit move to the right! ♫

Oh yeah! I should probably move over to the right so that people can pass me! I’m glad remember that song!

♫ if you’re not gonna go the speed limit move to the right ♫

Yeah! Or you know in other occasions

♫ Some people are not very social and that’s ok ♫

For whenever you’re tempted to to interrupt somebody who’s just reading and it’s obvious they don’t want to be bothered, to go “Oh yeah!

♫ Some people aren’t very social and that’s ok ♫

Or, you know, when you’re getting ready to bother somebody who’s got headphones on for instance. And, you know, that song is gonna come in handy.

And since we’re on the subject of making these songs for adults, as a dad, or as a man at least, I can see a lot of use for these for these songs, for these little ditties in remembering some of the things that us men need to know when we’re interacting with women (You knew i was going to come back to the feminist part. Christian Feminist Daddy – That’s me!) But there are little lessons that we can learn. We can use these songs to help remember, in our lives and how we interact with women. Just for instance:

♫ The friend-zone doesn’t exist ♫

I mean, these things seem pretty obvious, but there’s some folks who can’t remember these things. The friend-zone doesn’t exist It’s more like “The person who I thought
really cared about me as a person that turns out they just wanted to get laid.”

Or if you’re having trouble dealing with toxic masculinity that you picked up in
your childhood:

♫ Feelings don’t make me weak. Shoving them down does ♫

Or when you’re feeling the temptation to start mansplaining:

♫ It’s possible this woman knows more about this than I do ♫

Or this one’s kinda self-explanatory:

♫ She’s not my property. She doesn’t belong to me ♫

♫ If she said no… If she hasn’t said yes… If she’s unconscious… If I had to drug her… Then that means I don’t have consent ♫

♫ There’s nothing pro-life about robbing the poor of their reproductive healthcare ♫

♫ Jokes about rape are not funny ♫

♫ I’ve never had a period so probably I know nothing about it ♫

♫ I can’t baby-sit my own children that’s called being a dad ♫

So there’s a few ditties that we as men can use to help us keep in mind some of the lessons, some things about interacting with women. Because sometimes we guys need all the help we can get and as has been said all over the place in feminist circles, it’s NOT A WOMAN’S JOB. It’s not a woman’s job to teach us these things. It’s not their job to remind us of these things. We as allies need to use our own brains. We need to remember these things. You know, basically do our own homework.

So until next time this is Steve at Christian Feminist Daddy signing off.


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