Sorry. I’ve got nothing

Tomorrow is election day here in the US.

I’m not going to write anything. To be honest, I’ve got nothing to say. I live in a state whose electors are definitely going to vote for a monster. It says a lot about the people who live around me, and it affects the level of safety and security I feel as a father of girls.

I’ll see you all after tomorrow. We’ll see what kind of mood I’m in.


One thought on “Sorry. I’ve got nothing

  1. I don’t know the ins and outs of the US election. But it seems like you’ve got 2 poor choices for candidates. Mr. Trump giving off the vibe of a megalomaniac and Mrs. Clinton as a sociopath, are they those 2 things? Probably not. From my vantage point in Australia, Bernie seems like he would have been the best shot.

    I also don’t know the neighbourhood you live in but I’m willing to call you out on the language you’re using to describe your neighbours and presidential candidate. Eighteen months is a long time and I’m sure you’re all sick of it but I don’t think that excuses us from loving each other, even if we are fundamentally at flaws with how others behave/think. I get that you need to identify and not excuse behaviour that creates inequality/danger for others (regardless of race/gender/sexuality etc) but as Christians I don’t we can afford a utilitarian approach to creating equality.

    Personally, I’m not sure which candidate would be the better to make it to the office. Maybe a Trump presidency would be just what the world needs to wake up to itself. Maybe a Clinton presidency continues us down our current trajectory and it doesn’t take much imagination to see where that is heading.

    It bothers me that the USA still has so much say in world affairs, but that’s the world we live in. Tomorrow it’ll change or stay the same.


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