Voting Pro-life, eh?

I promise this is my last Donald Trump post for a while. We just finished the national conventions, you know? So it seems appropriate.

But I wanted to address this thing I keep hearing about pro-life votes…

It was always so simple when we were younger little fundies. All we had to do is just vote for the pro-life candidate. We were told we could ignore everything else because the pro-life candidate will usually agree with you on those less important things. “If a politician won’t protect the unborn,” the adage went, “then they certainly aren’t going to be a decent person on any other issue.” So election after election went by, and we all lined up with our Right to Life Voters’ Guide.

Well now we’re in a pickle. There isn’t a pro-life candidate this time. Everybody seems to think there is, but there’s very little evidence to support that. We don’t know that Donald Trump is going to suddenly drop his populist wish-wash tactics once elected and submit to Republican party leadership. We don’t even have a guarantee from his mouth that he wants to stop abortion. We don’t even know for sure that, once elected, he will be anything even resembling a conservative. This is new territory for him. He’s never been a conservative before.

But here’s what we do know:

  • He is actively campaigning on a platform that would revoke the citizenship of thousands if not millions of Muslim Americans, and further wants to bar people from entry into the US on the basis of their religion alone.
  • He has zero respect for any woman and views them as sexual objects. This extends even to his own daughter, with whom he tried to cop a feel on the stage of the RNC. His opinion on sexual harassment claims is the tired old “these women are just ungrateful or politically motivated” trope. He is currently tied up with rape charges against him by three women.
  • He has yet to distance himself from David Duke from the Ku Klux Klan, making it obvious that he has no interest whatsoever in disavowing the disgusting racism this organization represents. He has given not-so-tacit approval to the beating of BLM protesters and has made excuses for violence against minorities at his rallies. He seems unable to give an interview or address a debate question without some sort of comment that denigrates minorities. He has yet to take back his statements painting Mexicans as rapists.
  • As if religious discrimination, racism and sexism weren’t ugly enough, he’s also an ablist, making fun of people with handicaps he doesn’t understand. The man is a walking temple and Oracle to the privilege of white, male America.
  • He has said, with his own mouth, that he intends to re-institute torture methods for interrogation of prisoners
  • He has made it clear that he wants to remove the freedom that the press currently has to criticize public figures and government officials
  • He promised a body of evangelicals that he would work to revoke the requirement that non-profits abstain from spreading political propaganda

This doesn’t even touch the threat it poses to our national security to have this man commanding our troops.

And even if he chooses to lean toward a pro-life platform, neither he nor his handlers in the GOP have the awareness or willingness to address the cause for demand when it comes to abortion. They have no interest in reducing abortion; they only wish to punish it. No one in Trump’s conservative entourage is pushing for more comprehensive sex education or women’s health education. There is no desire in his current political circles to address contraceptives, or really any other methods of preventing pregnancies. There is no one speaking up for the child who has been born and cannot be supported, and the best a woman with an unexpected pregnancy can hope for from this camp is a lecture and punitive measures. No, the GOP is still sticking to a strictly anti-abortion stance and calling it “pro-life”.

It is for this reason that I refuse to take the gamble and vote for Donald Trump. There are problems that are almost completely certain to occur should he win, and that’s a stiff ante fee for the snowball’s chance in Hell that he will accidentally do something pro-life. My conscience will not allow me to sacrifice EVERY SINGLE OTHER ISSUE for this one when the chances for success are this abysmally low. I will be doing whatever it takes, everything within my power, to keep this man as far away from the Oval Office as possible.

This is my decision, made after a year of contemplation. It is my conscience. Do not make comments here promoting Donald Trump. Do not argue with me about this. I will not listen. I have seen and heard enough over the last year. I will respect your right to follow your conscience, but I will no longer entertain discussion on this matter.

I am, and will forever be a member of the #NeverTrump movement.

I want to clarify here that throughout this post I use the term “pro-life” to refer strictly to the anti-abortion stance that seeks as its only goal to legislate a ban on abortion. If your pro-life stance includes addressing pre-conception causes for unwanted pregnancy without stamping out the sexual rights of women, and also the preservation of life outside the womb, then I salute you.


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