The Great Sucker’s Bet of 2016

Well, this is it, folks. ┬áThis week in Cleveland the Republican Party as we know it will nominate its last presidential candidate in history. Melodramatic, you say? I don’t think so. I think the populist rise of the current nominee, paired with the insubordination that Senator Cruz has gotten away with, offers sufficient evidence to say that the Republican party leadership has been rendered irrelevant. The party has become a collection of fringes clamoring to “No true Scotsman” each other out of the club. They just spent the whole of last week hammering out a party platform that their nominee would have campaigned completely against only one election cycle ago. The party whose anti-populist nature is baked directly into its name is so desperate for a win that they are gathering behind a candidate hoping beyond hope that he’s a willing populist.

But that’s really a distraction from what I actually wanted to write about today. I’m here to talk to my friends and colleagues – people who are about to make a big gamble later this year. This bet is going to affect my view of you for the rest of our lives.

In some corner of my mind I’d rather simply not know this about you. In my weaker moments I wish I could ignore this and just carry on fellowship as normal. But I can’t. This is too much of a barrier. It exposes a difference of thinking, worldview, morals, etc that will be hard to bridge in the future.

But I also understand the desperation you’re feeling. I’ve been there. The frustration? I’ve felt it. I get it. Really, I do.

But just because I get it doesn’t mean I condone it.

Rather, it’s because I get it that I have to put some distance between us now. I know my intervention isn’t going to help, so I’m here just to explain why we may not be seeing much of each other in the future.

I mean, I get it. You’re not a racist. You’re probably a kind, gentle person. You’re just going to vote for a racist, one who capitalizes on fear of Islam to justify his despicable attitudes. And I can’t ignore that.

You’re not a pervert. You don’t openly fantacize sexually about the women around you. You would never make sexual comments about your own daughter. You’re just going to vote for a man who has, that’s all.

Yeah, I get it. And because I get it, I have to turn my back to you for a couple of seconds. I never wanted to know you like this. I like you. We’ve had great times together. We’re friends. We may be family. But I can’t ignore what you’re going to to in November.

You’re so focused on maintaining the church’s privileged position in American government that you’re willing to gamble every other issue on the table that a maverick anti-establishment party-jumper can be reigned in by an impotent Party leadership. You think it’ll get you some “pro-life” SCOTUS justices. You think this will overturn same sex marriage. You’re willing to wager the basic human constitutional rights of Muslims, Blacks, Women, etc on this snowball’s chance in Hell.

That’s quite a gamble.

And I can’t condone it.


One thought on “The Great Sucker’s Bet of 2016

  1. One caveat. Do you believe everything the media leads you to believe? Because in politics that is a sure way to be led by the nose believing the worst of any candidate. There is a reason the saying has been for generations that politics is dirty. It is. Lies, halftruths, and painting with VERY broad brushes is the order of the day.

    Just make sure you are seeking truth and not just swallowing what the machine intends for you to think. Manipulation and control is very real and overtakes the best of us sometimes.


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