We, the privileged of the United States of America…

We, the privileged.

We, the white.

We, the men.

We, the straight.

We, the Christian.

We, the able.

We, the automatic citizens.

We, the privileged, need to get our act together.

We need to stop.

We need to sit down.

We need to hand over the mic.

We need to listen.

We need to swallow our excuses.

We need to get uncomfortable.

We need to hear things that will probably hurt.

We need to take responsibility.

We need to ask how we can help.

We need to realize that we probably cannot help until we’ve had a change of heart.

We, the privileged, need to step outside our privilege, our echo chamber of comfort, and do better.

Because for the sake of the rest of the human race, we can’t wait for 2017 to be worse…


This article from Exposedheart.com expresses a lot of what I have on my heart right now, and I thank Sierra for writing it.

Here’s a great treasure trove of material alllll about privilege.

A collection of interviews on the subject of privilege.

This article addresses members of privileged classes who don’t feel very privileged.


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