I don’t want to make America “Great” again

If “Great” means that only white male land-owners can vote…

If “Great” means that women are treated like property with no suffrage…

If “Great” means that Blacks and other minorities are not granted the same civil rights as I am…

If “Great” means stomping across the globe shoving everyone around like a surly schoolyard bully…

If “Great” means holding the WASP¹ up as the ideal and disregarding everyone else’s basic liberties…

If “Great” means everything that Donald Trump wants it to mean, then as a life-long republican I’m opting out.

If the election comes down to a choice between Trump and a turnip, the vegetable gets my vote. And by “vegetable” I mean the turnip.

If the republican party is desperate enough to put him on the ticket, then history will record George W. Bush as the last GOP president to serve a full term.

I’m not a fan of this brand of “Great”.


¹White Anglo Saxon Protestant


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