IPhone 11 will ditch 3D Touch to reduce costs

New screen tech may mean the end of 3D Touch on one of this year's new iPhones

In a certain survey, it was found that most of the iPhone users stated that they would not bother if the 3D Touch feature was removed. In the case of 3D Touch, no other company has managed to achieve what Apple did.

Apple first introduced 3D Touch with the iPhone 6S in 2015, and at the time most of the reviews raved about the feature. The 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch models of the iPhone 9 will offer an OLED display, while the 6.1-inch variant will be integrated with a normal TFT LCD display. The CGS will also have a thin-film sensor to the touch film sensor which will be included in CGS but the objective of the film is still unknown. This method will also result in a 15% increase in the cost of the touch panel.

Kuo adds that Apple will be using the cover glass sensor (CGS) technology for the 6.1-inch iPhone instead of the in-cell sensor, which integrates the touch layer in the display itself. This means that the purchase price of the panel will increase from US$ 23 to US$ 26. For more rumours about what the next iPhone models might feature, check out Pocket-lint's round-up.

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The KGI report also states that starting from 2019, all iPhones, including the OLED models, will use the CGS process.

Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most prominent names in the world of iPhone leaks, suggests that Apple won't be considering the inclusion of 3D Touch for the more affordable mainstream iPhone model of 2018 - the rumoured 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD display. So, for this expensive display upgrade, the company might ditch the 3D Touch feature in order to balance out the costs. However, Kuo reports that Apple will continue to support this feature on high-end iPhones for at least a year before dropping it completely.

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